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We organize once a Month Children’s Excursions – through which we build courage, resilience, determination, stamina and focus in our children besides getting them to appreciate the great outdoors and become physically fit.


Holiday Camps and Safaris

Every school holiday, we organize camps and children’s safaris that have now become a tradition - that take us to various parts of our country and the East African Region. Through these camps, we build freedom, responsibility, environmental consciousness and broaden social skills.


Alternative School

Through the Alternative School programme, we will bring to life the lessons that children learn in the formal classroom setup, by exposing them to the tools, people, facilities and programmes that make our world. Through it, we broaden their minds, build curiosity and inquisitive young minds.


Leadership Development

Through our Building the Blocks Program – we have a developed a guided leadership programme that builds confidence, communication skills, critical thinking, citizenry and patriotism.


Growing up Green

Through the Growing up Green, we invest in the growth and development of the next generation of environmental leaders by increasing their understanding of new and emerging environmental trends, challenges and opportunities in the country and beyond while providing them with the opportunities to engage and act!


Beyond the Borders

We engage with embassies and consulates in Nairobi to expose children to persons of other Nationalities and through it develop in them international thinking and global citizenry.


Mosaics Art Project

Through this project, we create with children, warm, colorful, inspiring and life affirming environments for patients, their families and the hospital staff in hospitals in Kenya while developing their creative and imaginative faculties.

Celebrating 20 Years

Juhudi Children’s Club, celebrating 20 years of exciting children’s programmes and activities.

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