Peace and Governance

The peace component of this programme seeks to promote inter-communal harmony and peace in the northern region of the country. The organisation create platforms for inter-communal engagements such as sports, cultural events, among others. In addition, the organisation also monitors warning signs for conflicts and work with stakeholders such as national government, community leaders, county governments, faith based organisations to mitigate this.

The ASAL regions of Kenya has over the years been plagued by resource based conflicts, inter- clans competition and politically-instigated conflicts. Yet sustainable development cannot be realised in an unstable environment. It is against this background that this programme is the foundation of our work.

Governance on the other hand entails structures and processes designed to ensure
accountability, transparency, rule of law, stability, equity and broad-based participation. Juhudi works closely with communities building their capacity to participate in governance processes in areas such as inclusive budgeting, public participation on bills and policies at the county level, electoral processes among others.

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